Transition To Transformation – Vikram Aligh

Transition to Transformation

Welcome to Financial Technology Frontiers live! Join us for an insightful conversation on the transition to transformation in the banking technology space. Today, we’re in conversation with Vikram Aligh, Head of Commercial Business for North America at FIS, a leading company in banking technology solutions.

Explore the ongoing transformations in corporate banking, cash management, trade finance, and payments. Discover the driving forces behind these changes, from regulatory pressures to customer demands. Gain insights into how banks are adapting to new industry standards, such as ISO 222, and the challenges they face in modernizing legacy systems.

Learn about the customer experience enhancements, real-time payments, and the role of technology and business strategies in this dynamic landscape. Find out how banks are customizing product pricing and bundling to optimize client relationships and counter the impact of fintech disruptions.

Discover the critical role of technology and business alignment in successful initiatives and the contributions of consultants in providing an external perspective and guiding transformation roadmaps. Stay informed about the evolving trends, challenges, and strategies shaping the future of financial technology. Subscribe now for more valuable insights and discussions on the latest developments in the banking and financial services sector!

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