Bank of Russia Continues Measures to Support National Payment System Entities

The Bank of Russia implemented measures to support National Payment System (NPS) entities in 2022. They were approved in response to changes in the conditions of money transfers in the midst of restrictions imposed by foreign states, and they helped in the timely reduction of the burden on NPS entities. These measures will expire on January 1, 2023.

Fed To Revise Payment System Risk policy

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Board) is revising part II of the Federal Reserve Policy on Payment System Risk (PSR policy) to add a posting rule to facilitate the implementation of enhancements to the Automated Claim Adjustment Process (ACAP).

Re-Thinking Cross Border Payment Infrastructure | FinTech Frontiers Live

An in-depth discussion with Mike Robertson, CEO, and Co-Founder of AbbeyCross, Adrian Brown, COO and Co-Founder of AbbeyCross, Babu Nair, MD and CEO of Banking Frontiers & Financial Technology Frontiers dives deeper into the areas of weakness in the global payment infrastructure and how banks are bringing in efficiency while managing the costs.

They also discussed the existing infrastructure models within banks’ processes, as well as the key technology drivers.

Furthermore, they discussed their experiences with vendors and bank engagement channels, as well as the importance of data documentation prior to vendor onboarding.

From Output To Outcomes Interview with Paolo Sironi | FinTech Frontiers Live

Paolo Sironi, Global Research Leader in Banking and Financial Markets, IBM Consulting, explains how organizations have been transforming from output to outcome-based economies. He shares how achieving one’s financial, personal, and professional goals is a valuable asset and the role of value insight creation in enabling contextual and conscious banking. He talks about how enriching customer insights can have enhanced value due to digital transparency and trust-based technology. He throws light on how an ecosystem of open transparency fosters stronger technological ties while deliberating the potential of banks and fintech to enable and unlock better values.

Growth with a Deeper Reach | Interview with Casparus Kromhout | FinTech Frontiers Live

In a conversation with Babu Nair, Founder and MD, Financial Technology Frontiers, Casparus Kromhout, MD & CEO, Shriram Life Insurance shares the vision of focused business strategies adopted by the company to reach out to the rural sector. He also shares how the organization is functioning on a new ecosystem for building growth, product innovation, and adoption of the latest technology to improve the Customer Experience. He throws light on tie-up with insurtech for delivering faster business and leapfrogging businesses to newer levels.

Simplifying Global Payments | FinTech Frontiers Live

Alain Raes, Founding partner and CCO of IPID, an authority in global payments with his lineage as CBO of Swift, shares with Babu Nair, the Founder and MD of Banking Frontiers and Financial Technology Frontiers, his insights on the bottlenecks in Global Payments. He speaks about how international B2B remittances and transaction banking can be integrated with better compliance and accelerated using innovations, resulting in a better customer experience. He also talked about how the involvement of governments and regulations of several nations complicate international payments and how cooperation with regulators in streamlining compliance will work in catapulting Global Payments to newer levels of experience and growth. Keep Watching!