NorthWall Capital Empowers Its Private Debt Portfolio with Broadridge’s Advanced Management Solution

NorthWall Capital

In a strategic move to fortify its investment operations and tech infrastructure, NorthWall Capital, a leading provider of private capital solutions, has partnered with Broadridge Financial Solutions. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward for the UK-based credit investment firm, as it seeks to harness the power of Broadridge’s Sentry loan portfolio management (PM) solution to scale its private debt portfolio and credit offerings.

Sentry, a robust web-based platform, stands at the forefront of innovation in deal and risk management. Designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of investment operations, Sentry offers an array of features including the management of deal pipelines, analysis of borrower financials, risk and return scenario planning, creation of reusable covenant rules, data aggregation across diverse strategies and portfolios, and vigilant monitoring of compliance issues. 

Since acquiring fintech powerhouse ClearStructure in November 2019, Broadridge has seamlessly integrated Sentry into its comprehensive suite of asset management technologies. The platform’s prowess was further recognized with its deployment by TMF Group, a leading provider of compliance and administration services, showcasing its versatility and capability to revolutionize the private credit industry. 

Mike Sleightholme, president of international and head of asset management solutions at Broadridge, highlighted Sentry’s transformative potential, stating, “Sentry is currently enabling transformation in the private credit industry by automating critical investment management functions.” He emphasized the platform’s role in equipping fund managers with state-of-the-art technology, thereby enhancing their decision-making processes. 

Broadridge’s recent partnership with NorthWall Capital underscores its growing influence and success in forging pivotal agreements within the financial industry. Earlier this year, Danske Bank incorporated Broadridge’s trading and market-making solution, Tbricks, into its operations, followed by CGS International’s adoption of its Securities Finance and Collateral Management (SFCM) platform. 

This series of collaborations underscores Broadridge’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence in financial services, offering cutting-edge solutions that empower clients like NorthWall Capital to redefine their investment management strategies and achieve unprecedented growth.