KPMG UK and Databricks Join Forces to Unlock Data-Driven Innovation and Revolutionize Audits

KPMG UK, a leading professional services firm, announced a strategic alliance with Databricks, the leader in enterprise data cloud solutions. This groundbreaking partnership empowers KPMG UK clients to leverage the transformative power of data and artificial intelligence (AI) for accelerated innovation and business growth. 

Unleashing the £31 Billion Potential of Generative AI 

KPMG UK estimates generative AI has the potential to unlock an additional £31 billion annually for the UK economy. The Databricks alliance equips clients with the tools and expertise to seize this opportunity and achieve their strategic objectives. 

Open Scalability: The Engine for Data-Driven Transformation 

KPMG UK’s industry-leading technical expertise combines with the open, scalable Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. This empowers clients to innovate fearlessly, tackling all their data-driven challenges. Databricks’ architecture fosters seamless data analysis and collaboration, ensuring everyone has access to the insights they need. 

Revolutionizing Audits with AI-Powered Insights 

KPMG UK is taking a bold step forward by integrating the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform into KPMG Clara, its global audit technology platform. This empowers auditors to analyze vast volumes of financial transactions across countless audits. The result? Enhanced audit quality and deeper risk assessments, fueled by the power of AI.

Ian West, Head of Alliances, KPMG UK: “Strong data foundations, including data accuracy and accessibility, are the cornerstone of successful AI investments. As AI continues its rapid evolution, organizations need the confidence that their tools are built on the best data architecture and a sound data strategy. This alliance with Databricks allows us to empower our clients on both fronts, enabling them to leverage data for innovation and deliver high-quality audits.”

Michael Green, VP of Northern Europe, Databricks: “2024 will be a pivotal year for UK businesses as they build robust data foundations. Democratizing data across organizations unlocks the true potential of generative AI to drive tangible business outcomes. We are proud to partner with KPMG UK and empower businesses to adopt a modern, open-source data architecture with a robust governance model.”

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