Canadian Credit Unions Forge Open Banking Path with Caspian One

A vanguard of Canadian credit unions – First West, Prospera, Meridian, Affinity, and Libro – have joined forces with fintech leader Caspian One to spearhead open banking innovation. This strategic partnership marks a significant stride towards enhanced member services and a modernized financial landscape. 

The collaboration leverages Caspian One’s advanced open banking platform, designed specifically for the Canadian market. This secure, API-driven solution fosters a data-sharing ecosystem, empowering credit unions to deliver unparalleled value to their members. 

“This partnership with Caspian One underscores our unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology and member-centric services,” said Darrell Jaggers, CIO and Chief Transformation Officer at FirstWest Credit Union. “By harnessing the power of open banking, we can equip our members with the tools they need to thrive financially.” 

A Tailored Solution for Enhanced Security and Flexibility 

Caspian One’s platform departs from legacy solutions, offering a robust alternative to screen-scraping practices. It facilitates secure point-to-point connectivity and fosters a collaborative environment for innovation. This empowers credit unions to develop and deliver value-added services tailored to member needs. 

Collective Commitment to Financial Wellbeing 

“Prospera Credit Union is thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Caspian One,” said Greg Dyck, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Prospera Credit Union. “Open banking presents a golden opportunity to empower our members and meet their evolving financial goals.” 

The Large Credit Union Coalition (LCUC) previously selected Caspian One as their preferred partner, recognizing their dedication to credit union-specific solutions. This partnership signifies the collective commitment of credit unions to leverage open banking for the benefit of all Canadians. 

“We are witnessing the culmination of months of strategic planning,” said Yves Auger, Managing Director at LCUC. “The enthusiasm from credit unions across Canada is phenomenal. This initiative underscores our dedication to delivering advanced financial services and member experiences.” 

Revolutionizing Member Experiences & Financial Services 

“This partnership marks a pivotal moment for Meridian Credit Union,” said Matthew Seagrim, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer of Meridian Credit Union. “We are staunch advocates for innovation, and collaborating with Caspian One allows us to leverage open banking at scale, ultimately transforming the digital experiences of our members.” 

Financial institutions across Canada are recognizing the transformative potential of open banking. Affinity Credit Union joins the alliance, recognizing the power to revolutionize member services. 

“Open banking presents an exciting opportunity to revolutionize the way we serve our members,” expressed Mike Elchuk, CIO of Affinity Credit Union. “Through this partnership, we are committed to driving innovation and delivering superior financial experiences.” 

Empowering Members, Shaping the Future 

“We are thrilled to be part of this transformative journey with Caspian One,” said Scott Ferguson, CITO of Libro Credit Union. “By embracing open banking solutions, we are empowering our members with greater control over their finances and access to innovative financial services.” 

Caspian One emphasizes their commitment to credit union success. “We didn’t want to deliver a one-size-fits-all solution,” said Lewis Poe, CTO of Caspian One Open Banking. “Our bespoke platform caters to the unique needs of credit unions. This collaboration empowers credit unions with cutting-edge technology, shaping the future of banking in Canada.” 

This strategic partnership positions Canadian credit unions at the forefront of open banking innovation. By prioritizing member-centric solutions and fostering collaboration, this alliance promises to revolutionize the financial services landscape for all Canadians.