Symphony and Google Cloud Elevate Financial Markets with Advanced Voice Analytics 

Symphony, a leading markets infrastructure and technology platform, is set to revolutionize financial markets’ voice analytics through an enhanced collaboration with Google Cloud. This strategic integration leverages Google Cloud’s transcription and generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) capabilities to offer tailored voice analytics for the financial sector. The initiative builds upon Symphony’s existing partnership with Google Cloud, designating it as the primary cloud provider.   

Addressing Complexity in Financial Voice Transcription 

Transcribing voice conversations in the financial markets arena poses unique challenges due to specialized jargon, fast-paced interactions, and the paramount need for security. Off-the-shelf transcription services fall short, lacking the specificity and security demanded by financial services firms.   

Gen AI Empowering Cloud9 Voice Product 

Symphony will utilize Google Cloud’s gen AI platform, Vertex AI, to enhance its Cloud9 voice product. Cloud9 is a cloud-based voice solution catering to finance and trading teams engaged in various asset classes. The integration will enable high-accuracy voice analytics, incorporating speech-to-text fine-tuning and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities.   

Unlocking Real-Time Insights for Financial Institutions 

With gen AI, Cloud9 will deliver enhanced real-time voice analytics capabilities. These capabilities aim to improve customer service, expedite trade reconstruction, and minimize post-trade processing issues while upholding compliance and security standards. The gen AI-powered functionality extends beyond compliance to active risk analysis, flagging calls for review when suspicious discussions are detected.  

Enriching User Experience with Contextual Insights 

The new-gen AI-powered capability will not only transcribe and summarize conversations for compliance but also extract contextual insights from unstructured data. This enrichment enhances the user experience, offering an in-depth understanding of the market. Users can extract additional insights, such as tagging relevant entities, gauging customer sentiment, and identifying trending topics. 

Symphony CEO’s Perspective 

Symphony CEO, Brad Levy, expressed confidence in the collaboration, stating, “We have been on a journey with Google Cloud for the past two years, one that has been a true partnership on many fronts. We are confident that by tapping Google Cloud’s AI capabilities for voice analytics, Symphony will be able to offer the more than 1,000 institutions we serve with top-notch service that will create further efficiency and innovation in financial markets.” 

Google Cloud’s View on Generative AI 

Zac Maufe, Global Head of Regulated Industries at Google Cloud, highlighted the transformative potential of generative AI in the trading landscape. He emphasized the expanded partnership with Symphony as a step toward automating routine tasks and identifying potential misconduct through anomalies in data.   

The collaboration between Symphony and Google Cloud signifies a pivotal advancement in voice analytics for the financial sector, promising efficiency, innovation, and enhanced risk management across trading floors.

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