Industrial Credit Union Selects Mahalo Banking to Enhance Digital Offerings for Members

Industrial Credit Union, a Washington-based financial institution serving Whatcom County with over $382 million in assets, has announced a partnership with Mahalo Banking. This collaboration aims to modernize Industrial Credit Union’s digital banking platform and drive member engagement. 

Through this partnership, Industrial Credit Union will leverage Mahalo Banking’s digital banking solution to enhance platform flexibility and streamline integrations. This will be particularly beneficial for integrating Mahalo’s platform with Corelation Keystone, Industrial Credit Union’s core provider. This seamless integration will minimize technical hurdles and pave the way for faster future growth. 

Mahalo Banking highlights Industrial Credit Union’s previous integration challenges that limited the expansion of its digital banking features. Mahalo’s “thoughtful banking” platform, equipped with advanced security measures like credential assurance technology (CAT), is designed to address these concerns and deliver a user-centric, optimized experience. 

“We are confident that this partnership will enable us to deliver a premium digital banking solution that prioritizes member experience and fosters innovation agility,” said Dain Stevens, VP of Digital Services at Industrial Credit Union. “Mahalo Banking’s platform will allow us to create easily accessible features, transforming a great solution into a truly customized experience that aligns with our vision.” 

This collaboration between Industrial Credit Union and Mahalo Banking signifies a commitment to providing members with a secure, user-friendly, and modern digital banking experience. By embracing innovative solutions, Industrial Credit Union positions itself to cater to the evolving needs of its members in the ever-changing digital landscape.