Brokerslink Launches Dedicated Trade Credit Insurance Practice to Empower Network

Brokerslink, a leading network of independent brokers, announced the launch of a dedicated Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) practice. This initiative aims to empower its international affiliates by providing them with access to a shared pool of expertise in the TCI sector. 

The TCI practice will be spearheaded by a team of regional ambassadors, including Miguel Carranza (Americas), Phillip Krinker (LATAM), Frantz Bouchereau (Europe), Amine Bengraiou (Africa), and Dongmin Lee (APAC). These experts will share their knowledge and best practices with Brokerslink’s network, enabling brokers to enhance their services for both local and multinational clients. 

The launch comes in response to a recent network survey revealing significant demand for TCI expertise. 75% of brokers expressed interest in expanding into this area, with half identifying existing accounts requiring international support – a gap that Brokerslink is well-positioned to fill. 

Beyond knowledge sharing, the TCI practice aims to: 

  • Increase access to credit and surety capacity 
  • Facilitate international business opportunities 
  • Expand market reach for brokers 

“This latest initiative leverages the immense knowledge within our broking community,” stated Brokerslink Chairman José Manuel Fonseca. “By pooling this expertise, alongside our existing employee benefits and risk management practices, we empower our network for mutual benefit.” 

Phillip Krinker, a TCI practice ambassador, highlighted the market potential: “The trade credit insurance market surpasses $11 billion in global premiums, experiencing annual growth of 10-30%. While currently dominated by large corporates, the global opportunities are vast. We’ve recognized this and responded to the network’s demand.” 

The TCI practice will focus on facilitating knowledge transfer, fostering collaboration, and strengthening broker propositions. Ultimately, Brokerslink aims to support the management of new global trade credit accounts and generate new TCI premiums within the market. 

This launch aligns with Brokerslink’s broader strategy of fostering cross-border collaboration and growth through specialized expertise sharing, mirroring the success of its Employee Benefits practice launched in 2023.