Ever Evolving Ecosystem | Benny Tadele | FinTech Frontiers Live

Not only are real-time payments booming everywhere, but they are also transforming the nature of business and the relationships between buyers and sellers. Banking Frontiers Group Publisher Babu Nair engages in a conversation with Benny Tadele, Sr VP – Global Revenue Growth at ACI Worldwide. Benny dives deep into the current state of payments, the road ahead, how ACI is responding to the opportunities, and how it is empowering banks in India.

Expanding Horizons for Fintechs : Nicola Anderson | FinTech Frontiers Live

In an interesting conversation with Banking Frontiers Live, Nicola Anderson – Managing Director – of Fintech Scotland, shares some deep insights on what are the key ecosystems that are available for the Fintechs in Scotland and how Fintech Scotland helps them to scale up in the region as well as globally.

She also discusses how Scotland is building up a pipeline of the future talent required for the Fintech sector.

Re-Igniting The SME & Microfinance Sector By Niraj Basnet Danil | FinTech Frontiers Live

Mr. Niraj Basnet Danil- Head, SME and Microfinance at Nabil Bank Nepal, shares the overall landscape of SME banking and Microfinance in Nepal. He discusses how the bank has made this sector contribute more than 23-25% of its business which makes it one of the largest banks in the country in terms of growth. He shares insights into the important pillars of this growth and the role of technology, fintech, and digital transformation in accelerating delivery, customer acquisition, experience, and customer satisfaction.