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Part 1: Regulatory Readiness and Recent Money Laundering Trends

Part 2: Compliance and Regional Due Diligence Standards




This Electronic Money Laundering Trends (AI, Crypto, Cyberfraud and Environmental crimes) and Regulatory Readiness masterclass will focus on the current and evolving threats in the fields of Trade Finance, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity and Environmental crimes. We will create a greater awareness /equip you to be ‘Regulatory Ready’. This program will also enable you to establish a clearer understanding of Global regulations and their application in performing your task as an Anti-Financial Crime or as a Risk review professional.

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Who should attend:
This course is suitable for all professionals but will be greatly beneficial to:
• Experienced AML/KYC analysts
• Compliance professionals
• KYC/CDD/EDD/EDR/ Onboarding and Remediation teams
• Sanctions Specialists
• Fraud and Anti Financial crime professionals

Why you should attend Advanced Master class

Follow through on the learnings of the Masterclass and 1st Advance Masterclass Program of May 2023 which covered key aspects of money laundering and financial crime investigation
– Get a holistic view of the international risk management landscape, necessary to drive proactive measures to protect your firm and ensure compliance
– Strengthen your network with banking, finance and anti-fraud professionals and stay up-to-date with changes in cross-border financial regulations
– Certification & Continuing Education Credits – advance your career with a Certificate of Completion and six hours of continuing education credits

Course description For Master class Part I

1. Emerging Threats in Money Laundering – Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML): What is Trade Based Money Laundering, TBML and FIs awareness to curb TBML, TBML High – Risk Industries: i. Precious Metals ii. Art & Antiques iii. Real Estate iv. Pharmaceuticals v. Diamonds vi. High- Value Consumer Goods vii. Construction Materials viii. Oil and Gas ix. IT Products x. Chemical Products – Crypto Assets & Blockchain in Financial Services. How does Cryptocurrency work, Risks and Red Flags, Types. Due diligence requirements and monitoring, Cryptocurrency scams – Chat GPT, What is Chat GPT. Key challenges, Chat GPT and Frauds. Readiness of Banks and FIs to prevent AI frauds – Cyberfraud. What is Cyberfraud, Insider Threats, Hacking, Malware, Internet Fraud, Cybersecurity – Environmental Crimes, Crime coverage – Forestry Crime – Illegal Mining – Waste Trafficking, Environmental Crime and Money Laundering convergence – Misuse of Cash Intensive Export Sector – Precious stones and Mining – Waste Trafficking and Tax Audits – Money Laundering and Gold Refining, Legal Framework, Red Flags, Case Studies.

2. Regulatory readiness – What is Regulatory readiness – Attributes of Regulatory readiness, Risk assessment/Mitigation, Risk Classification, Risk review Methodology, Client Onboarding, Regulatory readiness for all review types – Regular Review, Event Driven Review, Remediation and Client Offboarding, Tracking and control mechanism, Regulatory Reporting

3. Understanding Regulations in its true sense
• FATF via- a-vis Global Regulations
• Bank Secrecy Act Vis-à-vis Anti Money Laundering requirements
• Wolfsberg Group vis-à-vis Correspondent Banking
• Egmont Group vis-à-vis Suspicious Activity Report
• US regulations vis-à-vis Due Diligence
• EU directives vis-à-vis Due Diligence

Course description For Master class Part II

Session 1: Understanding Regulations in its
true sense
∙ FATF via- a-vis Global Regulations
∙ Bank Secrecy Act Vis-à-vis Anti Money Laundering
∙ Wolfsberg Group vis-à-vis Correspondent Banking
∙ Egmont Group vis-à-vis Suspicious Activity Report
∙ US regulations vis-à-vis Due Diligence
∙ EU directives vis-à-vis Due Diligence
Session 2: Global Minimum Standards of
Due Diligence
Refresher on the following:
∙ Verification of existence and sources
∙ Nature of Business and sources
∙ Listing proof
∙ Regulation proof
∙ Bearer shares
∙ Source of Funds
∙ Ownership structure
∙ Persons responsible for Authority to Act
∙ Source of Wealth

Session 3: Entity type and Region-specific standards of Due Diligence:
Parameters covered:
∙ ID&V of documents pertaining to the
Clients’ Identity
∙ Address Identification and verification
∙ Beneficial Owners
∙ Certification/Senior Client Representation
Entity type coverage:
∙ Natural Persons
∙ Partnerships
∙ Companies – Private, Listed and Regulated
∙ Trusts, Charities and Foundation
∙ Government Entities
∙ Correspondent Banking & Trade Finance
∙ Collective Investment Schemes – Hedge Funds,
Mutual Funds and Private Investment Vehicles
∙ Special Purpose Vehicle
∙ Money Service Business
Fintech Regions:
APAC & Australia, Americas & Canada, Europe/UK, Middle East

Meet The Speakers


Head : Resource Centre APAC & Financial Crime

Renjith Kalappurackal (Ren)

Founder and Managing Director at ReTRRAC Global,


Consultant Non -Executive Director

Thomas Lee (Tom)

Consultant and Trainer of ReTRRAC Global

Jonathan Arulthas

Director- Projects

Our Speakers

Consultant and Trainer of ReTRRAC Global

Thomas Lee (Tom)

Tom is Consultant and Trainer of ReTRRAC Global and has a proven track record in successfully delivering complex and business critical programmes with specific expertise in Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) advisory and transformation. He has provided advisory services and played key roles on some of the most complex and critical FCC transformations in the industry, which includes working with on subjects to the Systematic AML Programme (SAMLP) in the UK, and working with other leading banking, insurance and asset management firms.

He started his career at Barclays Bank and has over 32 years Risk and Complianculting experience with 11 years focused specifically on FCC. Through his work Tom has developed a deep understanding of FCC regulations and regulatory expectations and has worked with Heads of Financial Crime Compliance and CXO’s to provide strategic advice on how to implement robust and effective financial crime control frameworks, or address feedback from the regulator post regulatory review.Tom is currently focused on developing ReTRRAC’s consulting and advisory capability and as part of his work is advising firms on the Corporate training strategies and Global reach. He has also contributed to a number of thought leadership papers which aim to better educate financial institutions on the risks associated with FCC and drive the required action and dialogue between the regulator, firms and financial institutions.

Renjith Kalappurackal (Ren)

Founder and Managing Director at ReTRRAC Global, Ren is responsible for strategic decisions, day-to-day management of the business operations, building client relationships and delivering ReTRRAC’s global agenda. Ren has extensively worked in the Banking, Financial services and Consulting industry over two decades. He has worked with some of the leading global financial organisations including Corporate and Investment Banks, Private Wealth Management Firms, Insurance and Payment Services companies such as Deutsche Bank AG, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Santander, Accenture, State Bank of India, Tata, Bajaj etc.

Ren is also an experienced Trainer in Global Banking Compliance and Anti-Financial Crime, where he discovered his passion for helping others to reach their potential. He empowers professionals who want to transform their career by providing an in-depth subject knowledge on Global Banking Compliance and Anti Financial Crime. He has designed an interactive training program which makes Global Compliance a subject that is simple to understand, thereby making the career transformation an effortless journey.Ren is a trusted business leader who is passionate about delivering high value outcomes for the Firms’ Clients by delivering a wide range of high-profile engagements in Risk Advisory, Business Process Design, Managed services, and Training. He brings in a great knowledge and expertise both with his work and personality.

Founder and Managing Director at ReTRRAC Global

Award-winning ICA certified professional


Sarah is a talented and award-winning ICA certified professional who has excelled throughout career to date, this has encompassed gaining a wealth of financial services as well as legal and regulatory expertise. Versatile and solution focused, builds strong relationships at all levels including senior professionals and key stakeholders. Sarah is a proven team player who excels within regulatory compliance management, financial crime, AML leadership and financial crime assurance. Commercially astute, with strong analytical, problem-solving and decision-making ability, together with excellent communication skills and a passion to deliver on key objectives, Sarah has gained her LLB degree with the University of Essex .

Sarah also has a Masters degree in Law in Financial Regulation and Compliance with a distinction. She has also completed the ICA Advanced Certificate in Anti- Money Laundering, with a Distinction and was awarded for her outstanding performance. Sarah has built a successful career over the years and in her most recent role she worked as the Head of Compliance. In addition to that she has trained others in her field and supported them in building a successful career. Sarah is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Sarita is head of APAC at ReTRRAC and is a subject matter expert and advisor to Heads and ReTRRAC Global on Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) and risk review process across Retail Training, Corporate Training, Skill Development Training Programs and Consulting Services.She provides advisory and transformation services and has played key roles on several complex and high-profile financial crime matters for clients that have been subject to Systematic AML Programme (SAMLP), Skilled Person (S166) reviews, Cease & Desist Orders and Monitorships. She is a Law graduate and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified.Prior to joining ReTRRAC, she held FCC and risk assessment roles at UBS, Willis Towers Watson and Accenture where she was the Director of Financial Crime Compliance and Risk Review. She started her career at Accenture Consulting and has over 15 years of Financial Crime Risk and Compliance experience covering of FCC laws and regulations, programme management, process improvement and systems implementation.

Her FCC subject matter expertise includes Anti-Money Laundering; Customer Due Diligence/Enhanced Due Diligence; Counter Terrorist Financing; Economic and Trade Sanctions; Proliferation Financing; Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery; Tax Evasion; and Market Abuse. Her client coverage includes leading Retail, Private, Commercial and Investment banks; and Wealth, Asset and Investment Management firms.

Head of APAC at ReTRRAC


Jonathan has worked as a financial crime, AML and risk & compliance consultant with over a decade of experience in the financial services industry. He has worked with some of the leading global financial organisations including corporate and investment institutions, private banks and insurance and payment companies.Jonathan is also an experienced tutor. It was his experience in tutoring students, where he discovered his passion for helping others reach their potential.

Jonathan became involved in ReTRACC out of a passion to help empower students, by building the student’s confidence, by making the learning engaging and enjoyable while also helping the student to develop critical thinking skills. Jon uses his wealth of corporate experience to personalise his courses in an applicable and practical way which enables the student to develop a better understanding of the subject matter and its application.

My ultimate goal is to help students develop a genuine belief in their own potential and open them up to a world of opportunities within and beyond the subject.” – Jonathan

Director- Projects

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Compliance and Regional Due Diligence Standards

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